food insecurity

food insecurity

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PW special report: Low pay, high cost of living are sending UNC System grad students to food pantries

Folasewa Olatunde didn’t want to go to the dentist. But sharp pain and inflammation in her mouth told her she should. The dentist told her she needed to have a molar removed and some cavities filled. The cost: more than $3,000.

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Radio Interviews

Durham elementary school teacher Turquoise Parker tells us about a remarkably successful, all-volunteer initiative she’s developed to combat K-12 student hunger

Learn more about Turquoise Parker’s amazing efforts here and here.
Connect with Mrs. Parker’s by email or social media and learn how to volunteer in her ongoing hunger relief efforts:
Via Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @PrkrsProfessors.

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Monday numbers: A closer look at NC’s deeply uneven economic recovery and an important tool for making it work better

There have been countless shortcomings in the responses of federal and state officials to the COVID-19 crisis over the past year and a half, but things have also improved dramatically since President Biden took office and here’s a very practical example:

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Hunger soars in NC in the wake of the pandemic

Nonprofits, food banks expand, but still struggle to serve all the people who can't afford groceries  A crew of workers recently parceled flour, bags of broccoli, bottled water, bread, and other essentials into boxes, as vehicles lined up in the parking lot of a Durham apartment complex.

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Hungry, with no end in sight

Sylvia Cameron skips more meals each week than she wants to recall. The 51-year-old Orange County woman makes half-hearted jokes about the missed ...
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