“It gave me a whole different way of life”

“It gave me a whole different way of life”

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Randolph Reid remembers what it was like before he began going to PACE of the Triad, an inclusive-care day program Greensboro for the elderly and infirm. He relied on oxygen nearly full-time and was isolated in his home, with his health and disabilities preventing him from living an engaged life.


Then Reid began using services at PACE of the Triad, a day program for seniors in Guilford and Rockingham counties that connects seniors with health care professionals.

“It gave me a whole different way of life,” he said, about day program at PACE.

The wheelchair-bound Reid came to the state legislature Tuesday to protest proposed cuts to the state’s Medicaid and health and human services programs. The suggested cuts included a $1 million reduction to a program that gives in-home health and meals to seniors, as well as Medicaid coverage for nearly 12,000 elderly, disabled and blind that had been part of a supplemental coverage program in North Carolina. He credits the care, and interaction with other seniors at PACE with improving his body and spirit. He only uses oxygen from time to time, and says his health has improved to the point that he can dance, an activity he had given up on long before. His main desire to see the cuts restored is not for his own care, but for others who may still be at home, isolated and without medical care.

“We want it so we can continue helping other people,” he said.