Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews

Chapel Hill attorney and policy advisor Patrick Oglesby about the ongoing movement to reform marijuana laws and why North Carolina should employ a model that benefits the people rather than large for-profit corporations

Former Charlotte mayor Jennifer Roberts and former state Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr provide an update on their ongoing work to help restore and strengthen faith in the honesty and legitimacy of U.S. elections.

Rep. Ashton Wheeler-Clemmons shares a bit of encouraging news about the prospects for some bipartisan legislation to help working families with child care.

NC Policy Watch investigative reporter Lynn Bonner dissects the announcement from Republican state legislative leaders that they’ve reached a breakthrough agreement on expanding Medicaid, and how that may play out with this year’s state budget. Read more of Bonner’s reporting here.

4,000+ people died in North Carolina from drug overdoses in 2021. 77% of those deaths involved fentanyl. WRAL-TV investigative reporter and producer Cristin Severance discusses WRAL’s latest documentary, Crisis Next Door, that airs March 15th.

North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force executive director Kella Hatcher tells us about her group’s latest report and the big challenges our state faces in improving the health and well-being of our children. Read the 2023 report here.

North Carolina Fourth District Congresswoman Valerie Foushee discusses her eventful first few weeks in the nation’s capital, the ongoing game of chicken that some on the political right are trying to play with the national debt, and the growing role of Black women as the backbone of the Democratic Party.

Durham County District Attorney Satana Deberry and Duke University Law School professor Brandon Garrett discuss their unique and extraordinary new joint initiative to shine a light into a long-hidden corner of the criminal justice system: plea bargains.

Read the full report here.

State Senator Natasha Marcus of Mecklenburg County on the latest from the General Assembly, including the legislature’s worrisome rush to further weaken state gun safety laws.

Professor David McLennan, director of the Meredith College Poll tells us what North Carolinians are thinking about an array of hot-button policy issues, including election conspiracy theories, abortion rights, medical marijuana and more.

States Newsroom national energy policy reporter Robert Zullo discusses some of the challenges of protecting our electric grid from attacks like the one that took place in Moore County and the challenges in siting renewable energy.

UNC Chapel Hill history professor William Sturkey on his deep concerns about the plans of university trustees to establish a new school on the campus devoted to advancing conservative ideology.

Read Sturkey’s latest commentary: UNC Chapel Hill trustees misfire with rushed and ill-conceived plan to launch conservative school

State Senator Michael Garrett of Guilford County offers his takes on some of the proposals taking center stage during the early days of the 2023 legislative session, including the controversial “don’t say gay” bill and the chances for Medicaid expansion.

Hudson McCormick, North Carolina director of the national nonprofit State Innovation Exchange (SiX), discusses new polling that shines a light on what average North Carolinians wish state lawmakers were prioritizing

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