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John Cole's political cartoons on North Carolina topics appear weekly for NC Policy Watch. He is currently the staff cartoonist for the editorial pages of The Times-Tribune in Scranton, PA. Prior to this, he enjoyed a nearly 20-year run with The Herald-Sun in Durham, NC, where he developed an affection for the state, its people and its politics. His award-winning work is internationally syndicated by Cagle Cartoons.

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Year in review: Our top 10 editorial cartoons of 2021

Editor's note: For going on two decades now, NC Policy Watch has been fortunate enough to be able to feature the expertly crafted, frequently hilarious, sometimes disturbing, and always thought-provoking commentaries of one of the nation's top editorial cartoonists, John Cole. While it would be worth your time to look through all of John's contributions to Policy Watch from the past, we're happy to share 10 of the best entries from 2021 below.

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