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NC teacher: Pandemic provides a welcome opportunity to reimagine public education

Ask a public education advocate when our society began doubting and undervaluing public schools and you will get a different response depending on whom you ask. Some advocates say that public education in America began to change after the publication of the 1983 report, “A Nation at Risk,” which created a false perception that our public schools were failing children.

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Ten reasons our families refuse to participate in NC’s End of Grade testing

The North Carolina public school end-of-year testing window is now officially open. With this season, comes dozens of hours of children sitting, practice-testing, reviewing, and re-testing. Children as young as eight years old will test for 3-4 hours with no break on consecutive days; Some students with an extended time accommodation will test even longer. This reality calls to question the efficacy and developmental appropriateness of our state’s testing practices. Prior to End Of Grade testing (EOG), classroom teachers already have plenty of indicators for each student’s proficiency in reading and math. Yet, children are tested at the end of the school year, when it’s no longer possible to correct the course.

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