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As hurricane season peaks, Harvey provides a flood of lessons for NC

The disaster in Houston should not have come as a surprise. Scores were killed and thousands driven from their homes in catastrophic flooding. An estimated 30% of Harris County (which includes Houston) was underwater at the height of the floods. Billions of dollars in property damage was done, and recovery will take years. Even while relief efforts continue and the human tragedy is mourned, it is important to begin understanding the origins of this disaster, so that we can increase our chances of averting or reducing other disasters to come.

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Duke Energy seeks to rig the system

Gas-fired power plant may or may not be a good idea, but citizen groups ought not to be prohibited from challenging it If ...
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U.S. EPA slams state for not allowing citizen input in administration of environmental laws

NC’s authority to handle its own water and air quality permitting is in jeopardy The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has warned the ...
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North Carolina needs a more balanced transportation system

America's economic crisis presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve reform in critical areas, from energy to health care. One of those key reform opportunities lies in our transportation system. ...
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