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Lawmakers have the tools to safeguard voting rights and fair elections; all they need is the will

Congress and the G.A. can build on the the success of the 2020 election by passing three important bills Voting is the right by which all our other rights are protected, to paraphrase Thomas Paine. Equal access to the ballot box is the bedrock foundation of our democracy and vital to the health of our nation.

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It’s time to end gerrymandering for good in North Carolina

RALEIGH – It was 209 years ago this month that “gerrymandering” was coined, and our nation has paid the price ever since. In 1812, Massachusetts Gov. Elbridge Gerry soiled his reputation by approving a ploy to redraw the state’s voting districts to unfairly favor his party in that year’s election.

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Once more, NC lawmakers reject chance to create fair maps

This month, North Carolina lawmakers had a golden opportunity to adopt fair, nonpartisan standards for drawing new legislative voting districts. Instead, they opted for politics as usual, keeping partisanship at the core of a deeply flawed redistricting process. The General Assembly has been ordered by a federal court to redraw dozens of racially gerrymandered legislative districts.

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In wake of gerrymandering ruling, give reform a chance

A federal court last week invalidated two congressional districts in North Carolina due to racial gerrymandering. The decision, which is currently on appeal ...
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“Gerry-gambling”: Rapidly changing demographics will make partisan redistricting a political risk in North Carolina

For about as long as there have been American elections, there have been parties trying to manipulate them to their advantage. And one ...
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A historic month for voting rights sheds light on the fight ahead

This August marked the anniversary of two major milestones in the journey for American voting rights. The 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women the right ...
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The Republican case for redistricting reform

As his time in the White House neared an end, President Ronald Reagan gave a final televised interview as commander in chief to ...
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Election season highlights

It’s election season in North Carolina. Across our state some 500 cities and towns are holding local elections in the coming weeks with ...
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Public financing of local elections: The next logical step

The anti-democracy reform crowd is at it again - spreading misinformation about campaign finance reform. Their current target is House Bill 120, a fairly innocuous proposal in the state legislature to provide municipalities the legal authority to experiment with public financing of local elections. It's something the town of Chapel Hill will be doing this fall. ...
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A Gift for Democracy in North Carolina

By Bob Phillips, Common Cause North Carolina Here we are in late December in the midst of the holiday season and the eve ...
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