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What else is in the mysterious Hofeller files? A few (satirical) ideas…

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Between his work for Republican redistricting leaders in the N.C. General Assembly and the Trump administration [2], the late mapmaker Thomas Hofeller could have been privy to a veritable legion of party secrets, many of them none too flattering to our political leaders.

The public got a taste last month when the government reformers in Common Cause accused Republican legislative leaders of lying to a federal court about the progress on their new maps [3] in order to stave off a special election in 2017. Of course, GOP legislators denied the accusations, but it was a tantalizing entry for the mysterious Hofeller files [4], which a three-judge Superior Court panel is mulling as possible evidence [5] in Common Cause’s pending state court challenge to the legislature’s gerrymandering ways.

Republicans, for obvious reasons, want nothing to do with a public airing of these possibly ugly documents – which are arguably public records – and it will be up to the courts to determine if there’s legal merit to the GOP argument for stowing them away.

In the meantime, North Carolinians are left to ponder what other gems or smoking guns may be nestled away in Hofeller’s possessions. The mind reels with the possibilities. Here’s a few of my (satirical) thoughts, in no particular order: