Monday numbers: More bad news about methyl bromide

Monday numbers: More bad news about methyl bromide

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If Malec Brothers Transport, over vehement community opposition, does receive a state air permit to send methyl bromide into the air, the company would be the largest emitter of that highly toxic chemical in the state.

In fact, Malec Brothers’s annual methyl bromide emissions — in the tiny town of Delco, in Columbus County —  would be 33 to 40 times the total amount emitted statewide.

The state Division of Air Quality is considering whether to approve an air permit for the Australian company to operate proposed log fumigation facility in Delco. Unlike most pesticides, fumigants such as methyl bromide are more likely to drift off-site. Depending on the wind direction, the chemical could disperse over a middle school. More than 1,300 people live within a two-mile radius of the proposed operation.

Long-term, low-level exposure to methyl bromide has been linked to respiratory and motor-neuron disorders. High levels can kill. The chemical also depletes the ozone layer, resulting in its phase-out and/or all-out ban in more than 150 countries worldwide.

“Nothing about methyl bromide is safe or healthy,” said Paula Dudley, who lives less than two miles from the site, at a chaotic public hearing on the air permit last week at Acme-Delco Middle School.

The May 3 hearing, sponsored by the NC Department of Environmental Quality, was canceled after the Columbus County fire marshal ordered the cafeteria cleared because it was more than 100 people over capacity.

The hearing resumed about 20 minutes later in the school gym, but spokesperson Megan Thorpe told the standing-room only crowd in that a second hearing would be scheduled before the public comment period ended. However, that hearing has not been announced. The comment period ends tomorrow. Send your thoughts to [email protected].

The numbers:

10.6 tons — Amount of methyl bromide emitted into the air each year statewide, including its largest facility, Tima Capital, in Wilmington*

3 tons  — Amount of methyl bromide emitted into the air each year statewide, excluding Tima, which recently halted its fumigation operation at the Port of Wilmington*

100–140 tons — Amount of methyl bromide that would be emitted into the air each year — alone — by Malec Brothers Transport

249 tons — Amount of methyl bromide emissions allowable by the proposed state air permit

340 tons — Amount of methyl bromide used for allowable quarantine purposes in the US, 2010

3 miles — Distance between a fumigation facility and areas where methyl bromide would most likely be detected in ambient air

250 feet — Distance from Malec Brothers to its property line where the last air monitor would be placed

.00063 parts per million — Public exposure limit for methyl bromide as set by the Victoria, Australia, EPA

1 part per million — Minimum concentration of methyl bromide for four hours at the property line, that would require Malec Brothers to try to stop emissions and notify state officials — by 9 a.m. the next day

67 parts per million — Concentration of methyl bromide, which, after four hours of exposure, would result in  “irreversible or other serious, long-lasting adverse health effects or an impaired ability to escape.”

64 — Number of NC counties that have at least one methyl bromide emitter

8 — Of those, the number that have five or more

175 — Countries that have either banned or sharply limited the use of methyl bromide, including the US

0 — Number of EPA databases tracking all pesticide poisoning incidents in the US

*For more accurate total, the tonnage excludes inactive permits

Sources: NC Division of Air Quality air permit database 2010–2015 (see chart below the map) Malec Brothers Transport air quality permit application, Environmental Health Perspectives, Daily Cargo News, Australia, USDA Outlooks on Pest Management, National Institutes of Health, EPA Inspector General

RegionCountyFacility NamePermit ClassLatitudeLongitudeNAICS DescriptionRecorded or Assumed Data YearActual Amount (lbs.)
MROAlexanderBrushy Mountain Dry Kilns, LLCSmall35.92778-81.14562Other Millwork (including Flooring)20110.22
FROAnsonAnson County Waste Management FacilityTitle V35.00435-80.162866Solid Waste Landfill20150.29977
FROAnsonEdwards Wood Products, Inc. - PeachlandSmall34.9925-80.295Sawmills20150.968
WSROAsheElk Creek International, Inc.Synthetic Minor36.400555-81.489444All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing20121.638
WAROBeaufortPCS Phosphate Company, Inc. - AuroraTitle V35.37745-76.778816Phosphatic Fertilizer Manufacturing201513.132
WAROBertieRose Brothers Paving Co Inc. - WindsorSynthetic Minor35.98105-76.9506Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20110.0131
WAROBertieAvoca IncorporatedTitle V36.00005-76.710916Flavoring Syrup and Concentrate Manufacturing20153.55
WAROBertieW.E. Partners II, LLCSynthetic Minor36.139316-77.222416Steam and Air-Conditioning Supply20145.8
WIROBrunswickCarolina Pole Leland, Inc.Synthetic Minor34.2544-78.0744Wood Preservation20121.6
WIROBrunswickCPI USA North Carolina - Southport PlantTitle V33.9437-78.012116Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation201593.24
WIROBrunswickMartin Marietta Materials, Inc. - Malmo Asphalt PlantSmall34.26525-78.100666Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.02418
AROBurkeKellex Corporation, Inc. - Valdese ManufacturingSynthetic Minor35.742525-81.573291Upholstered Household Furniture Manufacturing20140.1
AROBurkeAmerican Hospitality Furniture, LLC - Drexel HeritageSynthetic Minor35.744166-81.6725Hardwood Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing20130.215
AROBurkeW.M. Cramer Lumber CompanySmall35.718616-81.443766Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber, and Planing20120.143
MROCabarrusBlythe Construction, Inc., Plant No. 2Synthetic Minor35.403866-80.701667Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20140.14408
AROCaldwellHeritage Home Group, LLC - TFI, Inc. - Lenoir PlantTitle V35.9334-81.5408Nonupholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturing20151.391
AROCaldwellFairfield Chair Company, Plant 1Synthetic Minor35.908986-81.54828Upholstered Household Furniture Manufacturing20140.2
AROCaldwellMaymead Materials, Inc. - Lenoir #2 PlantSynthetic Minor35.932836-81.485755Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20100.018
AROCaldwellJ & M Woodworking Plant 2Small35.848733-81.471516Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber, and Planing20120.096
AROCaldwellAssociated Hardwood Products, Inc.Small35.8103-81.455Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber, and Planing20101.38
AROCaldwellMinton Ventures, LLCSynthetic Minor35.901115-81.55055All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing20100.146
WIROCarteretW A Page & Sons Inc ** INACTIVE **Small34.694444-77.077778Solid Waste Combustors and Incinerators20110.384
WSROCaswellPiedmont Asphalt, LLCSynthetic Minor36.54-79.460833Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20140.12
MROCatawbaMaymead Materials, Inc. - Hickory PlantSynthetic Minor35.716633-81.3086Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20110.25
MROCatawbaCentury Furniture - Plant No. 1Title V35.737818-81.360176Nonupholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturing20151
MROCatawbaConover Lumber Company, Inc.Small35.699167-81.217033Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber, and Planing20150.07
MROCatawbaHeritage Home Group, LLC - Hickory ChairTitle V35.73756-81.31945Upholstered Household Furniture Manufacturing20150.302
MROCatawbaEthan Allen Operations, Inc. - Maiden DivisionSmall35.5692-81.21866Upholstered Household Furniture Manufacturing20130.576
MROCatawbaCarolina Paving of Hickory, Inc. ** INACTIVE **Synthetic Minor35.72647-81.31946Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20140.00186
MROCatawbaJ. T. Russell & Sons, Inc. - Conover PlantSynthetic Minor35.723683-81.237183Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20150.144
MROCatawbaMidstate Contractors, Inc.Synthetic Minor35.63099-81.21201Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20130.0372
RROChathamArauco Panels USA, LLCTitle V35.601516-79.043366Reconstituted Wood Product Manufacturing20159.28
RROChathamMoncure PlywoodTitle V35.6096-79.049266Softwood Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing201554.04487
AROClayHarrison Construction Division of APAC-Atlantic Inc.Synthetic Minor34.996608-83.850213Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20140.04853
MROClevelandLANE (Kings Mountain)Synthetic Minor35.220538-81.344195Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.0802
WIROColumbusInternational Paper - Riegelwood MillTitle V34.3522-78.2125Paper (except Newsprint) Mills2015467.95285
WIROColumbusWest Fraser, Inc. - Armour Lumber MillTitle V34.338663-78.24163Sawmills201511.312
WAROCravenMarine Corps Air Station - Cherry PointTitle V34.898433-76.906033National Security20155.22618
WAROCravenWorld Wood CompanySmall35.197601-77.3684Sawmills20142.4
WAROCravenInternational Paper - New Bern MillTitle V35.213716-77.1172Pulp Mills20150.17676
WAROCravenCraven County Wood EnergyTitle V35.1322-77.1678Other Electric Power Generation201577.73693
FROCumberlandBarnhill Contracting - Fayetteville PlantSynthetic Minor35.113041-78.922358Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20110.271
WSRODavidsonBartimaeus by Design, Inc.Small35.866928-80.074733All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing20130.004
WSRODavidsonCouncill Company, LLC - Plant #1 ** INACTIVE **Small35.62861-80.1225Nonupholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturing20120.57
WSRODavidsonLexington Furniture Industries Inc., Plant 5Synthetic Minor35.786111-80.291953Nonupholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturing20120.447
WSRODavidsonThe North Carolina Moulding CompanySmall35.8236-80.240183Household Furniture (except Wood and Metal) Manufacturing20140.045
WSRODavidsonHalyard Health, Inc.Title V35.76817-80.32048Nonwoven Fabric Mills20157.7904
WSRODavidsonDavidson Gas Producers, LLC - Davidson Co. LandfillSmall35.8416-80.1833Other Electric Power Generation20130.0384
WSRODavidsonJ. T. Russell & Sons, Inc. - Lexington Asphalt PlantSynthetic Minor35.77408-80.30858Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20150.101
WSRODavieAPAC-Atlantic, Inc. - Plant #13 MocksvilleSynthetic Minor35.969666-80.5292Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.0252
WIRODuplinBarnhill Contracting Company - KenansvilleSynthetic Minor34.952033-77.972966Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20110.139
WIRODuplinHouse of Raeford Farms, Inc. - Wallace DivisionSmall34.755883-78.051516Poultry Processing20110.405
WIRODuplinJohnson Breeders, Inc.Small34.940283-78.05115All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing20150.406
WIRODuplinRose Brothers Paving Company, Inc.Synthetic Minor34.953-77.901665Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20150.03571
RROEdgecombeEdgecombe Genco, LLCTitle V36.037683-77.75285Other Electric Power Generation201516.59424
RROFranklinFranklin Veneers, Inc.Small36.095033-78.411433Hardwood Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing20150.2
AROGrahamStanley Furniture Company Inc - Robbinsville ** INACTIVE **Title V35.3181-83.8165Nonupholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturing20140.598
WSROGuilfordAPAC-Atlantic, Inc. - Plant #15Synthetic Minor36.2402-79.9318Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.00956
WSROGuilfordAPAC-Atlantic, Inc. - Plant #10Synthetic Minor35.9631-79.922Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20130.10214
WSROGuilfordRitch Face Veneer Company & Faces South, Inc.Small35.936861-80.021908Hardwood Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing20130.041
WSROGuilfordBeard Hardwoods, Inc.Small36.0372-79.7827All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing20140.974
WSROGuilfordAPAC-Atlantic, Inc. - Plant #41Synthetic Minor35.9489-79.9419Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20140.111
WSROGuilfordAdams Wood Turning, Inc.Small35.9261-80.03Nonupholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturing20130.00076
WSROGuilfordHaworth, Inc. - Haworth Wood SeatingSynthetic Minor35.9463-80.0214Wood Office Furniture Manufacturing20140.059
WSROGuilfordMarsh Furniture CompanyTitle V35.9439-80.00005Wood Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Manufacturing20150.51
WSROGuilfordCarsons, Inc.Small35.928333-80.021483Wood Office Furniture Manufacturing20130.022
WSROGuilfordSnider Fleet SolutionsSmall36.0374-79.7881Tire Retreading20140.06
RROHalifaxNash Brick Company IncSmall36.169416-77.904183Brick and Structural Clay Tile Manufacturing20110.72596
RROHalifaxPatch Rubber CompanySynthetic Minor36.439116-77.62715Tire Manufacturing (except Retreading)20140.002
RROHalifaxRoanoke Valley Energy FacilityTitle V36.43645-77.6175Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation201515.15672
AROHaywoodHarrison Construction Division of APAC-Atlantic, Inc.Synthetic Minor35.441616-83.007133Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20130.10891
AROHaywoodBlue Ridge Paper Products - Canton MillTitle V35.5356-82.8419Paper (except Newsprint) Mills20152436.07888
AROHendersonKimberly-Clark Corporation, Berkeley MillsSmall35.345833-82.467778Nonwoven Fabric Mills20142.9
AROHendersonAPAC-Atlantic, Inc. - HendersonvilleSynthetic Minor35.364803-82.454705Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20130.0826
WAROHertfordW.E. Partners I, LLCSynthetic Minor36.363407-76.89861Other Electric Power Generation20135.9
MROIredellBay State Milling CompanySynthetic Minor35.586533-80.806944Flour Milling2014650
MROIredellStatesville Brick CompanyTitle V35.7117-81.03555Brick and Structural Clay Tile Manufacturing20153.11966
MROIredellMaymead Materials, Inc. - Statesville PlantSynthetic Minor35.765266-80.919916Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20140.171
MROIredellTyson Farms, Inc. - Harmony Rendering PlantSynthetic Minor35.95474-80.72121Rendering and Meat Byproduct Processing20122.96872
MROIredellB & C Timbers, LLC dba G & G Forest ProductsSmall36.00652-80.83955Sawmills20141.013
MROIredellSnider Tire, Inc.Small35.82549-80.84043Tire Retreading20120.445
AROJacksonT & S Hardwoods, Inc.Small35.399016-83.181233Sawmills20111.055
RROJohnstonLampe and Malphrus Lumber CompanyTitle V35.5094-78.3361Sawmills20153
RROLeeWyeth, LLCSynthetic Minor35.541883-79.176683Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing20130.936
WAROLenoirEI du Pont - Kinston PlantSynthetic Minor35.3318-77.4795Noncellulosic Organic Fiber Manufacturing20101.93696
AROMaconShaw Industries Group, Inc., Plant Z1Synthetic Minor35.179516-83.371933Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber, and Planing20131.59
WAROMartinDomtar Paper Company, LLCTitle V35.861716-76.779683Paper (except Newsprint) Mills201540.72806
WAROMartinWeyerhaeuser NR Company - Plymouth LumberTitle V35.85985-76.7914Sawmills20151.04
WAROMartinBarnhill Contracting Company - WilliamstonSynthetic Minor35.818066-76.997216Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20130.204
AROMcDowellEthan Allen Operations, Inc. - Pine Valley DivisionTitle V35.6359-82.1694Nonupholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturing20152.45
AROMcDowellMcDowell County Millwork, LLCSynthetic Minor35.678175-82.013547Nonupholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturing20120.83
AROMcDowellJohnson Paving Company, Inc.Small35.7181-82.0436Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20140.0212
AROMcDowellITL, LLCSmall35.6536-81.9589Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber, and Planing20140.72
AROMcDowellColumbia Plywood Corporation - Columbia Carolina DivisionSynthetic Minor35.6608-82.1092Hardwood Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing20140.54
AROMcDowellBaxter Healthcare CorporationTitle V35.835833-81.994166Steam and Air-Conditioning Supply201513.5864
FROMontgomeryTroy Lumber CompanyTitle V35.367295-79.893595Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber, and Planing20154.41938
RRONashRose Brothers Paving Co., Inc.Synthetic Minor36.061216-77.8296Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20150.0248
WIRONew HanoverKinder Morgan, WilmingtonSynthetic Minor34.2597-77.9465Other Warehousing and Storage20150.08
WIRONew HanoverRoyal Pest Solutions, Inc., dba Royal Fumigation WITHDRAWN 2018Title V34.2-77.95Exterminating and Pest Control Services201515181.4
RRONorthamptonWest Fraser - Seaboard Lumber MillTitle V36.5008-77.418383Sawmills201511.55
WIROOnslowBarnhill Contracting CompanySynthetic Minor34.85325-77.274066Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20130.151
WIROOnslowMCIEAST-Marine Corps Base Camp LejeuneTitle V34.667616-77.341366National Security20154.90904
WIROOnslowOnslow Grading & Paving, Inc.Synthetic Minor34.7149-77.2079Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20110.178
RROOrangeThe University of North Carolina at Chapel HillTitle V35.9069-79.0623Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools201514.42336
WAROPasquotankJ. W. Jones Lumber Company, Inc.Synthetic Minor36.399533-76.320733Other Millwork (including Flooring)20141.646
WAROPasquotankBarnhill Contracting Company - Elizabeth CitySynthetic Minor36.313116-76.209716Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20110.0398
WIROPenderTriEst Ag Group, Inc. ** INACTIVE **Synthetic Minor34.414583-77.942666Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers20109047.6
RROPersonDuke Energy Progress, LLC - Roxboro Steam Electric PlantTitle V36.481716-79.070183Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation2015562
RROPersonDuke Energy Progress, LLC - Mayo FacilityTitle V36.525966-78.889966Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation2015219.43
RROPersonCPI USA North Carolina - Roxboro PlantTitle V36.4347-78.9612Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation201538.84
RROPersonLouisiana-Pacific Corporation - RoxboroTitle V36.521383-78.910116Reconstituted Wood Product Manufacturing2015193.2494
WAROPittBarnhill Contracting Company - Greenville PlantSynthetic Minor35.671833-77.4411Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.103
WAROPittWeyerhaeuser NR Company - GriftonTitle V35.412816-77.420616Sawmills20151.88
WAROPittRose Brothers Paving Company, Inc. - GreenvilleSynthetic Minor35.687166-77.354433Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20150.0292
WSRORandolphOliver Rubber CompanyTitle V35.6857-79.8116Tire Manufacturing (except Retreading)20154.62
WSRORandolphQuality Veneer CompanySmall35.8416-79.566783Hardwood Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing20110.08
RandolphDeep River Dyeing Company, Inc.Small35.820983-79.808466Broadwoven Fabric Finishing Mills20150.685
WSRORandolphEdwards Wood Products, Inc.- Liberty Dry KilnsSmall35.849483-79.596016All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing20130.755
FRORichmondBarnhill Contracting Company - Rockingham PlantSynthetic Minor34.936483-79.829166Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20110.108
FRORichmondBurlington Industries LLC - Richmond PlantSynthetic Minor34.9063-79.820533Broadwoven Fabric Mills20120.17
FRORobesonNorth Carolina Renewable Power - Lumberton, LLCTitle V34.58995-78.9963Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation20156.55
WSRORockinghamPiedmont Asphalt, LLCSynthetic Minor36.37225-79.724433Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20130.0412
WSRORockinghamBridgestone Aircraft Tire (USA), Inc.Small36.406553-79.977036Tire Retreading20150.116
WSRORockinghamRockingham County LandfillTitle V36.368298-79.845371Solid Waste Landfill20151.33
MRORowanCarolina Stalite CompanyTitle V35.5036-80.33Cut Stone and Stone Product Manufacturing20155.18
MRORowanLANE (Kannapolis)Synthetic Minor35.520706-80.582613Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.0793
MRORowanBoral Bricks Inc - Salisbury PlantTitle V35.67861-80.43972Brick and Structural Clay Tile Manufacturing20158.44824
MRORowanAPAC-Atlantic, Inc., Salisbury Plant # 69Synthetic Minor35.68608-80.51206Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.0399
MRORowanPiedmont Hardwood Lumber Company, Inc.Small35.526966-80.3626Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber, and Planing20130.33744
ARORutherfordDuke Energy Carolinas, LLC - Cliffside Steam StationTitle V35.21815-81.761966Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation2015250.01
ARORutherfordParton Lumber Company, Inc.Synthetic Minor35.426913-81.897746Sawmills20134.462
ARORutherfordAPAC-Atlantic, Inc. - Rutherfordton PlantSynthetic Minor35.3658-82.013008Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20140.0583
ARORutherfordRalph Rogers and Company - Henrietta PlantSynthetic Minor35.2462-81.808464Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20140.158
FROSampsonTurlington Lumber Co IncSmall34.9946-78.315283Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber, and Planing20151.239
FROSampsonBarnhill Contracting - Faison Plant (Multi-Site)Synthetic Minor35.114384-78.16766Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.0794
MROStanlyMichelin Aircraft Tire CompanyTitle V35.23335-80.16085Tire Manufacturing (except Retreading)20150.746
MROStanlyIAC Albemarle, LLC.Title V35.3947-80.20399Carpet and Rug Mills20152.37968
MROStanlyC. K. Earnhardt & Son, Inc.Synthetic Minor35.35621-80.16454Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20130.01114
MROStanlyJ. T. Russell & Sons, Inc. - New LondonSynthetic Minor35.446666-80.227516Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20150.09636
WSROStokesDuke Energy Carolinas, LLC - Belews Creek Steam StationTitle V36.2825-80.0592Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation2015733.315
WSROStokesWieland Copper Products, LLCTitle V36.339083-80.034083Copper Rolling, Drawing, and Extruding20150.04
AROSwainJ & B Hardwood, Inc. ** INACTIVE **Small35.4225-83.459444Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber, and Planing20101.123
AROSwainFortner Contracting IncorporatedSynthetic Minor35.409508-83.457572Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.01535
AROTransylvaniaAPAC-Atlantic, Harrison, Rhodes Brothers Plant - SapphireSynthetic Minor35.094203-82.974588Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.01076
MROUnionEdwards Wood Products, Inc.Synthetic Minor35.03541-80.40531Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber, and Planing20120.849
RROWakeFred Smith Company - Westgate plantSynthetic Minor35.902666-78.750333Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20140.1875
RROWakeLANE (Garner)Synthetic Minor35.7018-78.5669Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20110.0178
RROWakeLANE (Gresham Lake)Synthetic Minor35.88242-78.58369Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.112
RROWakeLANE (West Raleigh)Synthetic Minor35.78776-78.7226Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20140.128
RROWakeMallinckrodt - Raleigh Pharmaceutical PlantTitle V35.9-78.5596Medicinal and Botanical Manufacturing20158.38
RROWakeFred Smith Company - Wake Forest Asphalt PlantSynthetic Minor35.9316-78.547016Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20130.0635
RROWakeCarolina Sunrock Wake Forest PlantSynthetic Minor35.927016-78.539466Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing20150.248
RROWakeT R Vernal Paving, Inc.Synthetic Minor35.900883-78.756183Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.0925
RROWarrenElberta Crate and Box CompanySmall36.4152-78.151616Hardwood Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing20130.482
WAROWashingtonNC Department of Transportation - Creswell2Small35.9155-76.47137Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20150.00052
WSROWataugaMaymead Materials, Inc. - Brown Brothers SiteSynthetic Minor36.207475-81.714861Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.0888
WAROWayneGeorgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC - Dudley Plywood/CNS PlantTitle V35.2617-78.0353Softwood Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing20156.18
WSROWilkesLouisiana-Pacific Corporation - Roaring RiverTitle V36.2003-81.0315Reconstituted Wood Product Manufacturing201517.068
WSROWilkesWoodpecker Partners, LLCSmall36.188768-81.087295All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing20130.791
RROWilsonAlliance One International - Stantonsburg Road FacilitySynthetic Minor35.705083-77.9017Tobacco Stemming and Redrying20150.26
AROYanceyRalph Rogers and Company - Burnsville PlantSynthetic Minor35.91602-82.275996Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing20120.147
Key: To see historical emissions, map and chart include inactive permits
Mooresville Regional Office (MRO), Fayetteville (FRO), Raleigh (RRO), Wilmington (WIRO), Washington (WARO), Asheville (ARO), Winston-Salem (WSRO)