The Class of 2017 – Senator Paul Newton

The Class of 2017 – Senator Paul Newton

Editor’s note: N.C. Policy Watch is chatting with some of the newest members of the N.C. General Assembly to offer a bit more insight on who they are and what they plan on doing this session in Raleigh. Senator Paul Newton declined to participate in this profile. Answers are gathered from his website and interviews available online.

Name: Paul Newton

District: Cabarrus, Union

Occupation: Retired from Duke Energy

Lives in: Mount Pleasant

From: Mount Pleasant

Family: wife Melanie; three daughters and one son

Campaign website:

Hobbies: N/A

Previous elected offices? None

Why did you run for office? According to his website, he ran for State Senate because “he deeply cares about others and believes our opportunity for positive change is now.”

What do you think will be the biggest issue at the legislature this year? N/A

What’s one specific campaign promise that you’d like to deliver on? From the Independent Tribune after his election: Newton said there are things he hopes to accomplish in Raleigh, primarily thematic goals around growing the state economy and continue to bring more quality jobs to the state. During his campaign, he also said he wanted to work for better education, lower taxes, making people safer and to help strengthen families.

Do you support a full repeal of House Bill 2? Why or why not? From a November interview in the Independent Tribune: I believe the Charlotte bathroom ordinance and the response is hurting our state.  We must employ common sense and compassion to repair that damage.

How do you feel about the minimum wage in North Carolina ($7.25 an hour)? Should it be raised or kept the same? N/A

Is the state’s funding for public education enough? N/A

What changes do you think need to be made in the public education system? From an interview in November in the Independent Tribune: We must restore respect in the classroom. I place the highest value on our teachers.  They are having an enormous impact on our next generation.  In addition, we must continue to offer choice.  Private, Charter and Home schools all belong in the education mix. Parents should be able to choose the educational path that is best for their children.

What leader do you look up to the most? Why? N/A

Name your pet peeve: N/A

Contact information: He can be reached at [email protected].