Monday numbers

Monday numbers


5—number of days since Governor Pat McCrory signed sweeping anti-LGBT legislation passed by the General Assembly in a one-day special session (“McCrory signs bill barring LGBT protections against discrimination,” March23, 2016)

9—total number of hours that lawmakers spent publicly considering anti-LGBT legislation in special session (Ibid)

5—number of minutes House Judiciary Committee members were given to read the bill before they considered it (“How North Carolina Became The Most Anti-LGBT State In Less Than A Day,” Think Progress, March 24,2016)

30—number of minutes allowed for public comment on anti-LGBT bill in House committee (Ibid)

4 billion—amount in dollars of federal education funding for North Carolina now at risk because of new law that prohibits schools from accommodating transgender students (Ibid)

2—number of other states that currently block local communities from adopting ordinances that allow transgender people to use the public bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity (“North Carolina’s bathroom legislation makes state an outlier in nation,” News & Observer, March 25, 2016)

200—number of cities that have passed nondiscrimination ordinances that protect LGBT people, including Columbia, S.C. and Myrtle Beach, S.C. (Ibid)

0—number of cities in North Carolina that under the new law can pass ordinances making it illegal for businesses to refuse services to people based on their sexual orientation (Ibid)

5—number of days since Senator Tom Apodaca asked legislative staff to see how the General Assembly can charge Charlotte for the $42,000 cost of the special session to overturn Charlotte’s nondiscrimination ordinance (“Apodaca calls for Charlotte to cover cost of special session over LGBT rights, Charlotte Observer, March 25, 2016)

33—number of days until regular session of the General Assembly was scheduled to convene when the special session was held (N.C. General Assembly)

2—number of days since McCrory Administration emailed state employees with talking points defending new anti-LGBT law that McCrory signed (“Business opposition to LGBT bathroom law grows over weekend, March 27, 2016)

2—number of days since state agencies, including the Department of Transportation, issued news releases to the media with talking points defending new anti-LGBT law that McCrory signed (Ibid)

4—number of days since the NBA announced the anti-LGBT law may affect the league’s decision to hold the 2017 NBA all-star game in Charlotte (NBA Statement, March 24, 2016)

4—number of days since Google issued statement saying that the North Carolina anti-LGBT law is “misguided and wrong,” one of dozens of condemnations from major corporations from North Carolina and around the country including Apple, Intel, Red Hat, Twitter, Citrix, PayPal, and American Airlines (“Businesses and community leaders speak up for equality and against discrimination, Progressive Pulse, March 24, 2016)