Monday numbers

Monday numbers

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365—number of days since a massive coal ash spill at an abandoned Duke Energy power plant near Eden contaminated the Dan River with 39,000 tons of toxic coal ash and 24 million gallons of ash-contaminated wastewater  (“Year after ash spill, state of Dan River in dispute, WRAL-TV, January 30, 2015)

3,000—number of tons of coal ash that has been removed from the Dan River (Ibid)

36,000—number of tons of coal ash from last year’s spill that that remain in the Dan River (Ibid)

3—number of days since officials with the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources said the Dan River has “recovered quite well from the spill.” (“Environmental officials: Dan River has recovered from spill,” WTVD, January 30, 2014)

3—number of says that DENR officials also admitted that testing might not show significant coal ash toxins in fish for another 12 to 18 months. (Ibid)

33—number of unlined coal ash pits that Duke Energy has at 14 sites throughout North Carolina (Associated Press: “NC House approves Duke coal ash cleanup bill” – July 3, 2014)

100—percentage of these sites that are currently leaching contaminants into surrounding soil and groundwater (“Unlined and Dangerous: Duke Energy’s 32 Coal Ash Ponds in North Carolina Pose a Threat to Groundwater” National Geographic, March 5, 2014)

3 million—amount in gallons of contaminated water that coal ash ponds are leaking every day across North Carolina (“Duke Energy’s coal ash leaks persist across NC,” Charlotte Observer, January 31, 2015)

3 million—amount in gallons of contaminated water that is seeping from coal ash ponds in current violation of the law (Ibid)

3 million—amount in gallons currently of contaminated water seeping from coal ash ponds that coal ash law passed last year will allow Duke Energy to include in wastewater permits instead of ending the leaking (Ibid)

6—number of power plants at which arsenic at 140 times the state safety standard has appeared (Ibid)

2—number of power plants at which elevated levels of selenium has appeared (Ibid)

15—number of years that new law gives Duke Energy to close all of its coal ash ponds (“A year after ash spill, open questions about Duke and the Dan, Charlotte Observer, February 1, 2015)