The Class of 2015 – Rep. Brad Salmon

The Class of 2015 – Rep. Brad Salmon


Name: state Rep. Brad Salmon (Democrat)

Occupation: attorney (general practice attorney at Salmon Law Firm) and farmer (tobacco, soy beans, wheat and peaches)

District: Harnett, Lee counties

Lives in: Mamers (unincorporated community outside of Lillington)

From: Mamers (family goes back several generations in area)

Family:Single, no children.

Campaign website:

Hobbies: enjoys playing golf, travel and reading.

Previous elected offices, if any: No.

Why did you run for office?   “I chose to come back to my little community after college and law school. I got involved civically and I saw a need and knew I had the desire, and thought I had the ability to give it a shot.”

What do you think will be the biggest issue at the legislature this year? “It looks like budget shortfalls are going to be an issue. With tax reform, there was an effort to lower some of the tax rates and there wasn’t an equal amount of expansion of the tax base. We’re going to be in a situation where there are some revenue shortfalls.”

What’s one specific campaign promise that you’d like to deliver on? “Other than being open and accessible, we are trying to strengthen public education, economic stewardship and job creation. I tend to be accessible, I intend to be open and engaged.”

Do you think the state should expand the Medicaid program? Why or why not? Yes. “I think so. Expansion of Medicaid is a good thing not just from the standpoint of helping citizens get better health care and also from an economic perspective. The federal dollars would help the state economy, particularly rural economies.”

How do you feel about the state’s minimum wage ($7.25 an hour)? Should it be raised? Not sure. “There should be some conversations. It’s a topic that warrants some discussion.”

Is the state’s funding for public education enough? “I would say that all levels of public education are underfunded and I would say careful attention needs to be paid to funding.”

What leader do you look up to the most? Why? Former Gov. “Jim Hunt is an amazing political example…. Locally, [former Democrat U.S. Senator] Robert Morgan. He’s a good North Carolina moderate and a very able and humble public servant.”

Name your pet peeve: Doesn’t have any, “I’m pretty laid back.”

Contact information: Legislative office, 919-715-3026, or via email, [email protected]