Crucial Conversation–NC Policy Watch comes to Fayetteville

Crucial Conversation–NC Policy Watch comes to Fayetteville

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Divide and conquer? What a year of conservative control has meant to the North Carolina General Assembly.

What the heck is going on in Raleigh? Why does it seem that state legislative leaders want to repeal most of the good things accomplished during the 20th Century?

Recently, the Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives went so far as to say that his goal was to pit disabled people against poor people as part of a “divide and conquer” strategy.

Sadly, this was more than an unguarded moment; it was in fact a neat summary of the strategy employed by conservative legislative leaders during the 2011 state legislative session.

So, how “successful” were they? And is there anything a person can do get a handle on this situation (and maybe even speak out about it)?

If these or other similar questions have occurred to you lately, don’t miss a chance to hear some answers from two of the state’s most prominent voices for sane, sound and progressive public policy. Join us at 6:30pm on Monday, November 14 for a special Crucial Conversation with the staff of the state’s leading progressive policy think tank, N.C. Policy Watch.

Featuring: Chris Fitzsimon and Rob Schofield

Chris Fitzsimon is the Director of N.C. Policy Watch and North Carolina’s leading progressive media personality. Chris is a veteran journalist and nonprofit leader whose daily commentaries are heard on radio and read online throughout North Carolina. His colleague, Rob Schofield is the Director of Research at N.C. Policy Watch. Rob is lawyer, lobbyist and writer with more than 25 years experience fighting for progressive policies at the state level.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from these two experts at this critical time.

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When: Monday November 14, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Where: Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center, Pate Meeting Room, 300 Maiden Lane, Fayetteville

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Note: There is no charge to attend this event, but pre-registration is appreciated.

Food and beverages will be available at the event and donations will be accepted.

Questions?? Contact Rob Schofield at 919-861-2065 or [email protected].