GOP blocks amendment to help unemployed

GOP blocks amendment to help unemployed

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Things have now sped past the point of absurdity in the GOP’s vengeful effort to block the renewal of unemployment benefits for 37,000 workers and their families.

Today, in an act of amazing irony, the House Judiciary A Subcommittee took up a bill that purports to be about improving the review process for people who are denied their unemployment insurance benefits.

Got that? These people are too busy to take up an unemployment bill that would actually do something useful, but do have time to take up an unemployment bill that’s mostly about getting in partisan tweaks at the Employment Security Commission.

But wait, it gets worse.

To make matters even more absurd/obscene, Rep. John Blust, chair of the subcommittee rejected as “non-germane” a proposed amendment from Rep. Deborah Ross that would have fixed the procedural problem that’s blocking renewal for the 37,000.

In other words, according to Blust, it’s beyond the scope of a bill about unemployment insurance to consider an amendment about unemployment insurance. 

Boy, these people really don’t want an “on the record” vote about what they’re doing to the unemployed!

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