Crucial Conversation with Matthew Gardner, Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

Crucial Conversation with Matthew Gardner, Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

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The Future is Now: How N.C. can modernize its revenue system—An N.C. Policy Watch Crucial Conversation with Matthew Gardner, Executive Director of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

The time is now to modernize the state’s revenue system. The purpose of the revenue system is to fund investments in the public structures— schools, courts, hospitals, colleges and universities, and infrastructure—that are critical to building and preserving a strong middle class and a 21st century economy, but North Carolina’s outdated revenue system is failing the people of the state.

While the Great Recession directly caused the collapse in state tax revenues, it is not the reason why now, with the state’s economy growing once again, state revenues remain below pre-recession levels. Only by responding to the current fiscal crisis through a balanced approach that addresses the fundamental problems with the state’s revenue system will state policymakers secure the long-term fiscal foundation of the state’s public structures.

Come explore the answers to these and other related questions with Matthew Gardner, Executive Director of the Washington, DC-based Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. Gardner’s work focuses on state and local tax systems and their effect on low- and middle-income taxpayers. Mr. Gardner is an author of Who Pays: A Distributional Analysis of State and Local Tax Systems in All 50 States (2009), and has authored a number of comprehensive studies of specific states’ tax systems. He is also the primary author of The ITEP Guide to Fair State and Local Taxation (2011), a primer designed to teach lawmakers and advocates the fundamentals of state and local tax policy, and has conducted tax analyses for state and local policymakers and advocates in over 45 states.

Matt has degrees from the University of Maryland and the University of Rochester. He resides in Washington, D.C., and originally hails from Raleigh, North Carolina.

When: Monday May 23 – Box lunches will be available at 11:30 a.m. and the program will start at 12:00 noon.

Where: Marbles Kids Museum 210 E. Hargett St. in downtown Raleigh.
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Cost: $10 – includes a box lunch.

Space is limited – pre-registration required.
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