House and Senate set bill deadlines

House and Senate set bill deadlines

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In case you missed them, here are this year’s bill deadlines at the General Assembly:


  • Local bills must be submitted to Bill Drafting by 4:00 pm on March 1 and filed with the Senate Clerk by 3:00 pm on March 9
  • Public bills and Resolutions: to Bill Drafting by March 11 and filed by March 23.


  • Bills requested by study commissions: to Bill Drafting by March 1 and filed by March 9
  • Bills requested by state agencies: to Bill Drafting by March 8 and filed by March 16.
  • Local bills: to Bill Drafting by March 16 and filed by March 30.
  • Non-appropriations and non-finance public bills: to Bill Drafting by March 24 and filed by April 6.
  • Appropriations and finance bills: to Bill Drafting by April 20 and filed by May 4.

This year’s “crossover” deadline (the date by which a non-money bill must pass its house of origin in order to be considered by the second house during the 2011 session) is May 12.

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