Another busy day on Jones Street

Another busy day on Jones Street

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In addition to the various joint Appropriations Committees (which are all meeting this morning at 8:30) there will be at least three other committees in action on controversial bills — all of them at 10:00 am.

The Senate Education/Higher Education Committee will devote a second day to Senate Bill 8 — a proposal that, at this point, basically deregulates charter schools in many fundamental and troubling ways. Amendments will reportedly be considered.

The House Judiciary A Subcommittee will take up House Bill 30 — a proposal that would allow general creditors to garnish wages in North Carolina for the first  time. A vote is not expected this morning.

Meanwhile the House Judiciary B Subcommittee will take up House Bill 3 again. This is a proposal that seeks to reduce the scope of a longstanding state law that generally bars the admission of evidence in a criminal case that was obtained illegally. At the first meeting, House Majority Leader and Subcommittee chair Paul Stam presided over the consideration of his own bill  in a move that raised a few eyebrows. He indicated at the time, however, that he would surrender the chair when the Subcommittee took up the bill to vote. That could happen this morning. Amendments and/or a committee substitute are a certainty.

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