New laws taking effect

New laws taking effect

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The Associated Press
A quick look at some of the more than 40 laws taking effect Saturday in North Carolina.

HANG UP: It becomes a misdemeanor, with a minimum $100 fine, for school bus drivers to talk on the phone while driving.

FEWER BREAKS: It will be harder for speeding motorists to get off with a lesser charge.

CARD ‘EM: Those who provide alcohol to a minor could lose their driver’s licenses.

RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT: Rules will be set so motorcyclists can go through a red light that won’t turn green because the motorcycle is too light to set off a sensor in the road.

THEFT: There will be new felonies for people who shoplift high-end merchandise or conspire to steal multiple times from a store with the intent to resell the goods.

CANINE CRIMES: Someone who willfully kills a police or seeing-eye dog could face a felony with possible prison time. more…

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